Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finally Back to Normal

Last week was the longest, most exhausting week EVER!  I came down with the stomach bug on Monday and Tuesday, so my husband, Dan, took Tuesday off from work to help me with some appointments that were scheduled for the kids.  Dan drove 45 minutes to one appointment to find out that the appointment wasn't on that day, it was the following Tuesday (today!).  He took my step-daughter, Tara, to an appointment that was 30 minutes away, only to find out that her appointment was the following day.  Ugh!  Needless to say he made two wasted trips....poor guy!  How did I get the appointment dates wrong?  I NEVER mess up like that when it comes to the kids appointments.  Well, never say never, I guess.  I finally recovered from the stomach bug, only to have my youngest son, Blake, who is 4, and my oldest son Matthew, who is 7, get the bug at the same time!  Yikes!  Poor little pumpkins were absolutely miserable and there nothing I could do to make them feel better, which is a terrible feeling.  A mom should always know how to comfort their children and make them feel better, and I just couldn't!  Awful!  We made it through the week without my middle son, Luke who is 6, getting the bug (knock on wood!), and Tara, too.  Come Friday night, however, my poor husband ended up with....yup....you guessed it....the "bug!"  Poor guy was up all night.  He slept most of the morning on Saturday and by early afternoon started to feel a little better!  But wait...it doesn't end there....Matthew has an ongoing medical issue with his stomach/colon.  When he was 4 years old he had an illeostomy and when he was 5 years old, the procedure was reversed because he had made such great progress.  Well, come Thursday, Matthew's poor little belly was starting to look distended and he was very uncomfortabe.  Friday, the poor little guy was even worse, and Saturday, my husband aned I took him to Childrens Hospital in Boston to the ER because of severe stomach pains and distended belly.  We were in the ER for about 4-5 hours getting x-rays, talking to the doctors, etc.  The doctors, along with me and my husband decided the best thing was to admit Matthew for treatment to "clean him out."  A conclusion was drawn that a virus had hit Matthew and his body reacted by slowing down and not functioning the way it should, which is what caused his belly to distend and fill with gas!  Ouch!  Needless to say, it was a long weekend for me, but especially Matthew.  He was so good and so brave in the hospital!  Matthew has been through SO much in his short life, and I'm just happy that he's doing better and that we're finally home!!

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