Monday, February 1, 2010

My Weekend in a Nutshell

Morning All!  I am pretty groggy this morning...trying desperately to recover from my very busy weekend!  My brother and nephew spent the weekend at my house.  Friday night the boys had a "sleep over" in the same bedroom.  We pushed the beds together to make one big bed so the boys could hang out next to each other.  There wasn't too much comotion or rowdiness, but there was quite a bit of laughing, which I loved listening to!  Satudray morning I made pancakes and bacon (well, my brother made the bacon because I have a tendency to burn it...into a dust like state...LOL), while my husband went food shopping.  The boys had a nice spread of food and juice, which was very tasty!  After a fun, but noisy morning, my brother and I met my dad for lunch!  Oh....we had a great time....laughing, joking, drinking and eating!  My in-laws picked the boys up for another "sleep over" at their house so my hubby and I could have a nice night out together.  We went to see an 80's coverband (who we happen to be friends with!), with a group of friends!  We had an absolute BLAST.....dancing and singing the night away!!!  Needless to say....Sunday was suppose to be the "day of rest" so to speak!  The kids came home around 11:30am, fighting and arguing broke-out between them, I was dragging all day long from shear exhaustion....but it was well worth it for a much needed night of fun!

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  1. I am so late commenting on this post, I know, but what a great weekend, even though it was an exhausting one! I have become a follower and look forward to reading more. Hope to see you back at my blog as well.

    Have a wonderful weekend.