Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Miraculously, I AM Surviving School Vacation Week!

It's "hump" day a/k/a Wednesday!  Woo-hoo!  To my amazement, I have made it half way through February vacation week with my three, ever-so-rambunctious boys and one very demanding puppy!  Let me tell ya...having 3 boys close in age is no easy feat!  They are very competative with each other, whether it be who gets dressed the fastest, who runs the furthest, who plays Wii better, etc!  You name it, they compete for the title of "The Best!"  Sometimes it's fun competition like who can find mom's keys, or who can find the missing sock, etc., but most of the time it's hardcore competition that not even the toughest of referree's can control!  But, as much as they compete and disagree and argue and fight and..............they love each other and help each other and are always there for each other!  With all that said.....and as bad as it sounds.....I CAN'T WAIT for vacation to be over!  I love my kids....but momma needs a break!

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  1. I, too, work from home and love it! You're right about the flexibility of creating your own hours, and with three boys and a teenaged step-daughter, flexibility is a must! :) But so is downtime, so as much as we love our kids, "momma needs a break" from time to time!