Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Time IS Valuable....Why Don't People Get This?!

I'm a very busy person.  I schedule my day around my kids, my business and my personal life.  Nothing irritates me more than scheduling an "office" meeting/interview only to have the person leave the "room!"  After spending nearly 25 minutes helping my prospect into the online virtual office (it usually takes no more than 2 minutes!), and showing my prospect how and where to communicate with me and others in the room, and explaining that I will do a follow-up call directly after our appoinment, my prospect exited the room.... after no more than 5 minutes of listening!  It was the very, very beginning of the informational interview process.  I tried calling my prospect 2x to see if perhaps they were having technical difficulty, but I was NOT successful!  I couldn't even leave a voicemail as the mailbox was full!  Argh!  I wish people would take my time seriously!  I am a mother and a business owner ( business owner) and my time is precious! 

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